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Interesting Facts About Popular Evening Snacks That Would Amuse You

There is absolutely nothing better than having snacks, that feeling are so satisfactory in itself.  I am sure people who maintain a strict diet will also accept this, because they keep cheat days for themselves and that’s totally fair, because after a weeklong diet they can finally grab some quick bite and do some extra work out the next day. After proper meals you will still crave for some spicy, tangy food, which will bring waters in your mouth and you literally get up to grab some.

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The Sweet-Dish which can end any enmity

GulabJamun is widely an acclaimed sweet-dish which is a symbol of celebrations and various social occasions along with other festive occasions. It is being traditionally made of Khoya and condensed milk or Khir which is soaked in sugar syrup after being fried. You will find especially in marriages this mouth-watering sweet-dish is an integral part. It is a milk based South Asian sweet-dish quite popular in Nepal, Bangladesh, Pakistan, and Myanmar and of course, in India. The word gulab has its origin from Persian word “log” meaning syrup with rose…

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dhokla recipe in Marathi Food 

Relish the flamboyance taste of Gujarati food

Gujarat, a cultural divine of our India is very well known for its delightful and elaborate cuisines. Although the food here is predominantly vegetarian that does not include any kind of non-vegetarian or even eggs, but, it is extremely delicious. With a widespread appeal, regardless of a person’s palate’s preferences Gujarati food is famous all over the world. Moreover, a lot of Gujarati foods are also healthy and nutritious. They use sugar or jaggery in a lot of their preparations that sets this particular cuisine apart from those of other…

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Starter Ideas for a New Year Party

Arranging a New Year party at home is a fun thing. But one has to take good care when it comes to arrangement of food. Some people may find it a hugely difficult job on what dishes to keep in the menu and what not. But you see, it is not a very difficult decision to take. It is New Year’s Eve and everyone is in the mood of having fun as they want to welcome the New Year with their near and dear ones. Mostly, New Year parties are…

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Dishes to Savour in Himachal

Madra is a delicacy which actually a part of the traditional dishes served in Himachal Pradesh. The source of this dish is in Chamba district of Himachal and here the main ingredient that is needed is soaked chickpeas. One can also add a lot of vegetables to it. When it comes to madra recipe, one has to cook it with a lot of spices likes cinnamon, clove, cumin, turmeric powder and coriander powder. This enhances the dish a lot. Madra is a part of the food culture in Himachal Pradesh….

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turai ki sabzi Food 

Different Recipes of Sabzi

Sabzi or Vegetable preparations are an integral part in the regular meals. Vegetables are rich in several nutrients and that is why they should be properly included in your regular meal. There are large variations of vegetable dishes available that are simply delicious in taste. Many children do not want to eat vegetables for which you have to prepare those dishes with different techniques. If you think that “Vegetable is boring”, then your concept will be changed with the popular vegetable preparations: Kadai Bhindi: Bhindi and Capsicum go well with…

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5 Lip-smacking Snacks that are Healthy and Delicious

The snacks, sweets and street food are very synonymous to our Indian cuisine. Talking about the snacks, they are sometimes served alongside the main menu meal or are also served during the evening with a hot cup of tea to settle the small cravings. Some of the snacks are served at birthday parties or Kitty parties as great appetizers where the food is served at the later interval. Thus, depending upon the need of the hour, every snack item plays an equally important role. Many of our beautiful and hardworking…

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How to pick the right restaurant for your night out - DuFu News Food 

How to pick the right restaurant for your night out

We all love to eat out or order in from time to time, don’t we? While for some people ordering in is a regular feature because of hectic working hours, there are others who cook most of the year around at home, but sometimes love to step out in order to grab a nice bite to eat or sit at home and enjoy a hearty ordered in meal. There are a lot of restaurants that provide you with online ordering services and if you want something grand to eat, you…

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