best ent doctor in india Health 


India has been making waves in the medical world, especially in recent times. This is thanks to the increasing number of doctors who are experts at what they do. This is expertise is especially so in the ENT field. Now a question that may cross the minds of many: what is ENT? Read on to know all about it. What is ENT? The term ENT is basically an acronym for Ears, Nose, and Throat. The medicine field covering the ENT aspect is known as otolaryngology in medical speak. The ear,…

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Breast Enhancement Exercises To A Firmer Bust Health 

Breast Enhancement Exercises To A Firmer Bust

In a time where health and fitness continue to be so important in all our lives, it still might come as a surprise that many women are actually starting to incorporate breast enhancement exercises into their daily routine. Breast enhancement and exercise actually go hand in hand when you think about it. Both strive for the common goal of an improvement to physical appearance and are tied deeply to our own personal happiness within each of us Breast Actives. Breast enhancement exercises consist of a variety of different techniques for…

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can you douch while pregnant Health 

Wrong Facts About Douching That Are Known To Women

Douching is actually the process of washing the internal structure of vagina and mixture of fluids. These are related to cleaning the internal parts of the vagina that always remain acidic due to a variety of natural factors. Douching is considered as a process of cleaning the vagina from the inside, but the facts are totally wrong. In fact, if a woman is pregnant, douching increases the risk of termination of pregnancy or miscarriage. False Facts About Douching It is a very common phenomenon because of the belief that women…

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Meditech Dianabol Gains Health 

Meditech Dianabol Gains – Get Bigger, Impressive Muscles!

Meditech Dianabol (Methandrostenolone) is one of the most effective anabolic steroids that was ever developed. Dianabol has been popular in the bodybuilding circle since it was introduced to the public. If you want to experience the transformation from Dianabol, you should try Dianabol by Meditech. If you are new to Dianabol use, you might find it hard to look for real suppliers of this brand. However, this is considered to be one of the most effective anabolic-androgenic steroid by both new users and professional users. This is also one of…

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know about knee surgery Health 

The Complications of Knee Replacement Surgery That You Should Know of

Every surgery comes with its own risks and complications. So, if you are scheduled for a surgery any time soon, no matter how much minor it may be, you should be aware of the potential risks, so that you and your family members may be mentally prepared in case something goes wrong. Well, if you are scheduled for something as major as a knee replacement surgery, then you should definitely be aware of the risks involved in knee replacement surgery. The ideal thing to do would be to talk to…

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How to get Dimples Naturally Health 

How to get Dimples Naturally

Dimples are the cutest thing on a person’s cheeks, and this might be the only situation where most men and women will agree. The appearances of small indentations on the cheeks are due to the deformity of minor muscles in the cheek region. These small signs say a lot about an individual’s personality, and in most of the cases,people with dimples on cheeks are admired by others when they smile. There are lots of people who love to have these dimples although it is a natural phenomenon. Many people prefer…

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Dianabol Health 

Dianabol and Its Safety

Dianabol has many pseudo names and its well known for the performance enhancement drugs. It is an anabolic steroid which is available in the black markets as it is banned by the FDA due to its controlled substances. However, it is still used in the medical industry to make medicines which are used by people who cannot meet ends. But you would need a prescription to purchase it over the counter. It is one of the most powerful drugs of its genre as it provides the lease progestational activity to…

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Fungal Eye Infection: Overview, symptoms & preventive measures Health 

Fungal Eye Infection: Overview, symptoms & preventive measures

Although extremely rare, fungal eye infections can be quite detrimental. The most common way for anyone to develop the infection is incurring an eye injuring especially if it’s caused by a plant material such as a thorn, stick or any other. Infection or inflammation of the cornea is known as keratitis which can be caused by many different types of fungus. Severity of the case would determine if someone needs undergoing eye surgery in Abu Dhabi. Overview & types Eye infection can be caused by many different microorganisms that include…

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bone marrow transplant in India Health 

How a bone marrow transplant is done?

Bone marrow is a very spongy tissue which is present inside the bones of living beings. These bones are mainly the thigh and the hip bones. They have a lot of immature cells which are also known as the stem cells. These stem cells can actually form the red blood cells which can carry oxygen though the entire body. This bone marrow also creates white blood cells which can fight infections and platelets whose function is to see that the blood flowing in the human body does not clot. The…

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Combination Therapy Health 

Combination Therapy For Treating Various Medical Conditions

Combination therapy or polytherapy is the utilization of several therapies or medications to combat with some disease or medical condition. This therapy includes using one or more medications or therapies simultaneously to treat a patient. The therapy may include any hypnotherapy, psychological therapy, nonmedical therapy, etc. This method of treatment has been used by the doctors since a very long time. It is a doctor recommended method for the treatment of many disorders. There are many areas where other treatments are either less effective or have tremendous side effects, and…

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