Co-Working and Office SharingBusiness 

Co-Working and Office Sharing

The world today is moving swiftly into a new and more dynamic future, where companies are breaking through the old barriers of yesterday and embracing change. As technological giants like Apple and Google become the largest companies in the world, they carry a responsibility to showcase new ideas and concepts that smaller companies will embrace.

Dynamic and cutting-edge office spaces are what every company looks for in a potential rental.  These spaces need to be a place where people can express themselves freely and work in the most creative manner. Start-ups often find a problem looking for spaces, as their budget is much lower than that of bigger companies and businesses. Ideally, the middle of the city is the perfect place, but real estate prices in such areas are relatively high.

In a developing and growing economy like India, it is essential to nurture and encourage the growth of start-ups.  Funding, office space and the right team are all keys to success for any start-up or small business. Cites like Bangalore and Delhi are places with an abundant number of start-ups, one can find thousands in these cities. All with the fundamental features of very little capital but a potentially great idea nonetheless.

Start-ups and their solution of office sharing

For small and growing start-ups which do not require ample space, a novel solution would be to opt for shared office spaces or ‘co-working’ as it is commonly called. It is basically sharing an office space with a parent company. Companies who have redundant or excess working space often lease it out to newer companies and start-ups that are on the lookout for flexible workplaces.

This unique situation creates two things, a revenue stream for the company who are leasing out the floor space and a cheaper and very convenient solution for the smaller company or start-up who are looking for an office space to conduct official business.

The most crucial advantage, however, is that it becomes a very dynamic environment for the start-up. With a free space where no rules govern their working, they can work in whatever way they like. The landlords meanwhile can learn about the start-up business and can even look to invest in their tenants or other start-ups which pique their interest.

It is often advertised quite well and can easily be found from a simple Google search. Places like Gurgaon offer certain advantages, with offices functioning for 24hrs; it is quite easy to accommodate night-shift co-working space in Gurgaon.

How it benefits the owners

Companies can share resources, and utilize the various amenities available on-site and share the bills with the start-ups under their roof. Companies can also rent out full spaces for 24hrs a day, which makes it easier for certain groups conducting business abroad to work in full autonomy. Night shifts office space for start-ups in Gurgaon is in high demand because of the growing number of start-ups that toil in the late night.  Its cost-effectiveness also remains a big factor for start-ups, and why they opt for this solution. A combination of these has made co-working the go-to option.

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