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Why India is a Favorite Medical Hub?

The truth is India is fast becoming a medical hot spot, especially with patients in huge numbers from the western countries coming down here for availing different types of treatments at the leading hospitals here.

Some reasons for visiting India for medical treatment

  • Top-notch care: The very first reason for foreign patients to prefer a developing country like India is because, this country boasts of having the necessary and the latest medical equipment, tools, accessories and the resources that will be required to provide best treatment to patients. As a matter of fact, it does stand tall among the developing countries of the world for its offering top class medical services at low rates. Medical tourism from Ethiopia to India has gained over the years, which is evident with the number of patients coming here from that country. Good nursing homes and hospitals can be found in almost each and every state of the country, with few of them having good rankings in the world. These hospitals are said to offer its patients with top class service and also uses the state of the art facilities. Being a favoured medical destination, this country also has few of the top rated hospital chains contributing to the country’s glory. Now, the hospitals here are able to compete with its western counterparts and also excel in several departments, especially when empathy is concerned.
  • Cost: It is indeed an essential factor that needs to be taken into consideration when seeking medical attention. The Indian hospitals are known for their highly competitive rates. Moreover, with the dollar rate being much higher than the Indian currency, the foreign nationals are required to pay less for availing the prescribed medication and treatment. Be it a small surgery or prolonged treatment, the cost here is quite less. Bariatric surgery, orthopaedics, dental clinics, cardiac surgery, general surgery, and other services are all offered at affordable rates.
  • Striking location and pleasant weather: This country has been blessed various bounties of nature and beauty that is admired by everyone. The nation is said to exude unique magnificence and splendour that brews up in almost every corner. The magnificent mountains, pristine beaches, sprawling deserts, soothing backwaters and the striking beautiful scenic vistas, all tends to provide that magical getaway to the medical tourists. The patients before, or after the treatment can visit any part of the country as recommended by their physician to enhance their moods and recover quickly.
  • Wellness factor: The wellness industry of the country, besides medical services is considered to have attracted medical tourists in huge numbers. The increasing number of medical tourists every year is only proof of this particular aspect. Ayurvedic treatments, yoga retreats and spas are said to have made medical tourists to visit the country and to recommend it to others back home.

In short, it is mainly for medical purpose that patients flow into the country. This inverse trend is due to the above given reasons. One can check out India Ethiopia visa information from the leading online portals or speak to the concerned embassy.

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