Interesting Facts About Popular Evening Snacks That Would Amuse You

There is absolutely nothing better than having snacks, that feeling are so satisfactory in itself.  I am sure people who maintain a strict diet will also accept this, because they keep cheat days for themselves and that’s totally fair, because after a weeklong diet they can finally grab some quick bite and do some extra work out the next day. After proper meals you will still crave for some spicy, tangy food, which will bring waters in your mouth and you literally get up to grab some.

When we talk of some real spicy food we cannot overlook one of the specialties of our country which is almost widely acceptable by all, and that would be panipuri. There is an immense amount of satisfaction you derive after having the perfect combination of sweet, sour, tangy, spicyflavouredpanipuri of your own choice.  In fact people have their favourite joints for having panipuris in different places.

Some fun and interesting facts about panipuri will totally keep you astounded and also you might up just end up having the urge of getting it:

  • It looks messy but it is absolutely not. Its crunchy, it’s soft because of the stuffing with mashed potatoes, onions, and spices according to your choice.
  • You can always get the perfect taste, like for a sweet tooth person you have sweet (metha) panipuri, for someone who wants sour and tangy can get it made accordingly, that sounds great, not everyfood can be customized.
  • The pani is basically the chutney or the water which is sour and spicy and that gives a topping to panipuris.
  • Interestingly, people call it by different names across the regions, some call it ‘phuchka’, some ‘golgappa’, some also call it ‘hot ragda’, but whenever you travel to some other region you will have the urge of trying panipuri of that area.
  • Also the people who travel to India fall madly and irrevocably in love with this delicacy.
  • It is a stress buster, a mood lifter, try it when you feel low, it constantly gives you back the energy because of the aesthetic pleasure you derive after having panipuris.
  • Best part is you don’t really need a perfect time for having PaniPuris, you can have it in the afternoon, at dawn, in the evening, whenever you feel like, and it’s all about the craving.
  • It’s not a very complicated recipe so you can try making this at home anytime.
  • Doesn’t have any age a restriction, a kid to a teenager to a senior person in our country absolutely loves the idea of having panipuri, I mean who doesn’t?

The feeling you get after having panipuri is bliss, it’s such a happy feeling,a feeling of joy. It’s mostly a street food which is so very popular because  of the mutual love we all have for it, and the recipe is so simple yet delightful  that you can always find panipuri recipe in Marathi, and other languages online. It’s an addictive food, but then some addictions are totally worth it.


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