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Relish the flamboyance taste of Gujarati food

Gujarat, a cultural divine of our India is very well known for its delightful and elaborate cuisines. Although the food here is predominantly vegetarian that does not include any kind of non-vegetarian or even eggs, but, it is extremely delicious. With a widespread appeal, regardless of a person’s palate’s preferences Gujarati food is famous all over the world. Moreover, a lot of Gujarati foods are also healthy and nutritious. They use sugar or jaggery in a lot of their preparations that sets this particular cuisine apart from those of other regions of India.It is at times seen that many of us associate Gujarat only with dhokla, khakra or the drool-worthy Gujarati thali, but, there is more to the Gujarati food than that.

Talking about cooking this typical food it is easy too as one can look for the best sites where even one can get their recipes like dhokla recipe in Marathi too.

Treat your tastebuds with famous Gujarati dishes-

  • Khandavi- One of the much loved for its taste, a Gujarati snack i.e. Khandavi is an aromatic and simply irresistible dish of Gujarat. The layers of gram flour cooked with pure buttermilk, is rolled up in mushy goodness, seasoned with sautéed sesame seeds. This dish is though a tricky one to be cooked at home is really light on the stomach and pleasing on the tongue.
  • Khaman or dhokla- Another flag-bearing dish of the Gujarati cuisine and is in fact a popular snack all over the country is the Dhokla. It’s not just delicious, but is considered to be a healthy item for eating which is preferred by people who have to watch their weight. It issavored with a cup of hot tea and is prepared from fermented rice and split chickpeas. Serving mint and coriander chutney or hari chutney and dates and tamarind chutney adds an extraordinary flavour to the dish.
  • Khakra-The staple snack which is enjoyed all over the country during tea time is again a healthy food as far as Indian snacks go and is definitely very addictive. It is available in many flavours from methi to chili khakra and even pizza and cheese flavoured khakras. They are very light on the stomach and the waist, are can be carried easily and have a long shelf life.
  • Undhiyu- Known as the king of Gujarati dishes Undhiyu is a Gujarati winter dish. In Gujarati word ‘undhu’, means inverted, hence, it is a classical Gujarati dish made in an inverted clay pot. It is a special winter because this delicacy is made from the choicest of fresh produce of various items readily available in winters. Common ingredients used in making undhiyu are the eggplant, crunchy muthiyas, potatoes, yam, peas, bananas and beans, which are slow-cooked to perfection with buttermilk, coconut and spices to give it an exquisite taste.

Apart from these, there are several other dishes like patra, dabeli, doodhpak, dal dhokli, bajri no rotlo, etc., which make Gujarat famous for its food. The foodies love to enhance their tastebuds with spicy and tangy flavours of the state. Get in love with the food of Gujarat.


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