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The Sweet-Dish which can end any enmity

GulabJamun is widely an acclaimed sweet-dish which is a symbol of celebrations and various social occasions along with other festive occasions. It is being traditionally made of Khoya and condensed milk or Khir which is soaked in sugar syrup after being fried. You will find especially in marriages this mouth-watering sweet-dish is an integral part. It is a milk based South Asian sweet-dish quite popular in Nepal, Bangladesh, Pakistan, and Myanmar and of course, in India. The word gulab has its origin from Persian word “log” meaning syrup with rose water scent and “jamun” means a fruit, it is derived from Urdu word. It became very popular in the era of the MughalEmpire. It is said that this dessert was prepared for the first time by the main chef of the emperor Shah Jahan and that too mere accidentally. Originally, it was in fact popular in Persia, now Iran, and it was made of dough balls, which were immersed in honey water. Later on the recipe was modified in India according to the historians of culinary field. In general Indians have a sweet tooth and after main course most of them look for something sweet and if it is this sweet dish then it is just great. Many prominent places are famous for this sweet dish, for example ChandniChawk in Delhi. It is healthy also because per serving this particular dish carries the optimum amount of calories and cholesterol.

The most sought after dessert

You may find little variation in relation to gulabjamun recipe,but no one can take away the irresistibility of this desert. Today this particular sweet dish been available in containers and even you can order online. Somehow in case of festival no one can match the experience one has when you find the cooks serving it really hot and juicy. Now a day more options are available to the people to purchase anything from the various and luxurious super markets. The factor that matters is that atmosphere which is linked with the other traditional shops. One gets a different satisfaction in this regard but of course the products at the various outlets have to be appreciated. This particular dessert is the true symbol of Indian festivity. It has been significantly noted that it has already earned extensive international acclaim.

Popularity across the globe

With relation to gulabjamun recipe in hindi,you will find your culinary delight that the sugar syrup can be substituted by a syrup made of maple and then diluted. It is an occasional practice by the homemakers to prepare such dessert which may differ a bit from the sweet dish available in the market, but that does not matter at all. It is very difficult that you travel in India and do not come across of any outlet selling this dessert. Irrespective of the availability of variants and different name given to this dessert in any other country it remains the most sought after dessert right from the Himalayas to Kanyakumari, not to mention the international popularity.

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